On his expectations for the event...
I'm really just excited to have fun. In a competition like this, we're here with people who give up their lives to protect us as Americans and to have the experience to be around them, to listen to their stories and more is really just a humbling thing and an honor for us civilians. It's not just getting to see them, but a chance to hang out with those guys, tell them thanks and then try to prove ourselves.

Does it add pressure to be around the special ops guys?
Having competed in five Olympic games, I think I know what it takes to compete at the highest level athletically. But I'm also the guy who sits on the couch and watches what these guys are doing everyday on my television. So I have some experience in guns and physical exertion, but it's nothing compared to what many of these guys do.

On how his background prepares him for this...
I think I know what it takes to really understand your limits because I push myself there all the time in competition. I know how fast I can go and how far, which may be an edge over some guys without that experience. You have to live in the moment and you can't prepare more than you already have. You won't be doing something miraculous and coming out as the best at something, so it's about relying upon the hard work and knowledge you already have.

By the Numbers

35 Years Old
5 Winter Games he has competed in, with one silver medal
10 I don't care what place I finish, just as long as it's not last (10th)